"Messenger" Giclee Fine Art Print

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 This eagle, flying in from the wild blue yonder, delivered the message that we are eternally co-mingled, connected and communed across species and time. This painting is dedicated to an experience I had while lying out on a cliff facing the sky.  I wanted to feel the arising of my lightbody up and out of my physical self. I found myself combing consciousness through the  tangled areas in my painbody in order to liberate my 'lighter than air' soulbody.  It took awhile but miraculously happened and as I watched my energy body rise up about four feet,  a real life, great big eagle swooped down,  flying right right through the space between my lighbody and my physical self! 

Museum quality Fine Art print on a very high quality matte Pura Smooth 300gsm OBA-free paper, using the best archival inks. Border  1" , perfect for framing.