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Carol Skylark Aura Portraiture Healing Psychic MediumAURA PORTRAITURE is a synthesis of the art of Portrait Painting and the art of Spiritual Healing. As a seer of energy, I have had the pleasure and honor of facilitating healing portraiture sessions with thousands of people over the last 45 years. The brush can act as a laser surgeon, penetrating into hidden routes to liberate hideaways of old fears and pains. The fan brush can stream light out through the cobweb cloaks that keep our pure loving essence bound within. We are all beautiful beings of divine essence wanting to shine forth. Depicting the light body essence and aiding in lightening, brightening and enlightening others to their greatest energy potential has been my work. I experience the aura as fields of essence within and around us. This energy can be seen, influenced, portrayed, healed and interpreted. 

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Aura Art BeautifulHave you ever had the experience of slipping out of the three dimensional world where you see things with your normal eyes, to seeing the world of essence with your inner eyes? It's a little like parting the back curtain of a stage show and seeing the activity behind the scenes.

Carol's Aura Portraiture Healing Story

Long Distance Aura Portraits

Luculle Aura Art"I am in awe of Carol Skylark's work. By phone, never having seen me (she had my photo), she tuned into my inner-self accurately and precisely. It was joyous fun and very uplifting to work with her. Try it! You see my results." L. M. King ~ Boulder, CO

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