Wedding Aura Art


This experience is a wonderful gift for a couple beginning their life together. It introduces them to a practice that helps them deeply connect with each other emotionally and spiritually. We have two methods to explore. Both create beautiful visuals that will remind them of the practice and inspire their energy communion for years to come. The portrait is a realistic representation of their physical beauty and their spiritual energy together.

Here is the information for the couple. 

  • First Method: Sitting together and facing out to the world, side by side. Carol records how your energies and talents work with each other, how you support each other and also how you blend and inspire each other. This shows up in how your aura colors mix, merge and combine. Carol gives guidance, feedback and suggestions for the issues facing you both and how you can be helpers and healers for each other. 
  • Second Method: Sitting facing each other and merging minds, hearts, and the basic grounding centers of your beings. This is like the ancient Tantric Union meditations that many cultures taught couples. It is a practice that encourages you, in an easy, fun and profound way to merge your fields, find  bliss and create loving kindness. It teaches you how to create energy ecstasy, acceptance and communication skills that will insure harmony and true collaboration for your life together. Carol sees how you are doing energetically, guides and gives you feedback visually with the painting and helps you to see, feel and create loving energy yourselves. 

This is the  Ultimate Wedding Gift

To learn to journey together in the spiritual realms and to bring back the magic lantern picture of the process; The portrait rendition of your evanescent beauty to shine forth from paintings and pillows, kimonos and robes.

Because aside from the beauty of the paintings produced as archival framed canvases, the images can be created as matching apparel, tee shirts, kimono robes and fun objects such as pillows,  blankets,  shower curtains and more. All great wedding gifts.

The example below is from the wedding portraits of Ryan and Leah Gillis. Here you can see how the original information from the Couple Aura Portrait was used to create the Wedding Portrait. 

They created a threefold energy 'temple' of light by their natural attunement; The He part, the She part and the golden light of unity in the middle that integrated them. His was of light silver blue, indicating a high level of creative awareness. Hers was of peachy pink, expressive of high energy and love. The 'lake' of vibration they created together from filling their combined chalice with spiritual energy consciousness was impressive. It became the lake that sustains the entire painting which you can see in the image below.

A wedding portrait combines it all; a realistic photographic portrait, the aura portrait painted information, your ideas made manifest and the world class artistry of Carol Skylark. Ryan and Leah were excited to be able to wear their joy on their backs with the below two sided tee shirts.


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The portraits can be done in person or long distance. Every couple and every wedding is unique.