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Aura Portrait Arts StudioThis is the subject matter of Aura Portraiture: Your energy seen , depicted, cleared and illuminated. Our natural brilliance is often overshadowed by layers of fear, trauma, and karmic webs that keep us bound. It is relatively easy to see this in one's aura. It is easy also to lighten and brighten...erase and renew. Joy is our true nature. I see you as a sphere of trillions of moving particles of energy. Where there is darkness, or grayness, redness or blackness, there is a need for healing. Light from the mind of the healer and the healee can be focused to effervesce the darkness away. I work with you to help you see your own energy and change the thought forms that keep you daunted. During a session we explore wonderful easy ways to clear your traumas, rework your outlook and recharge your system with optimism and blessings. I watch you turn to light and give you instant feedback and coaching. The painting of your aura and body shows the proof of the process. It is the result of your work with me and shows you at your optimal light body potential. It is yours along with an audio tape or file of the session.


Aura ArtLong Distance Aura Portraiture Sessions

If we are working long distance, I request that you send or email me a photograph of yourself, full torso, facing front is best.Sitting cross legged works well.  I will do prep work on the photo to take out the background and then transfer your outline to the painting surface.  We have a telephone connection during the entire time while I am watching and painting and communicating with you as a reader~healer. I paint what I am seeing of your process long distance just as if you were right here with me. Later, after we are done, I combine your photograph with the aura painting via digital art to create your portrait. I will email you the image and the audio file of the reading. The charge for the session is $4.00/min. or 240.00/hr. for our time together and $75.00 for the combined pre and post digital art prep time. If you would like a 8 1/2" x 11" print out the Postage is $5.00. Thus an hour session is usually $315.00. Payment schedules are fine with me

See examples of LONG DISTANCE Aura Portrait clients and read their experiences.

You can also work with with me IN PERSON at my Colorado Fort Collins Studio or Cherokee Park Retreat.

Carol Aura Healer

I can work with you in person at my studio in Fort Collins, or at my mountain retreat in Cherokee Park. Both places are in Northern Colorado. The average time of a session is about an hour. The session begins with a short energy session which focuses your left and right eye pathways to meet in the inner part of your mind, which gets you 'Middle Minded'. Your focus there brings electromagnetic energy which creates a space of more light. Together we expand that light, suffusing and combing it through your body and your aura, clearing, healing, lightening and brightening your field. After this warm up I guide you on a visualization journey, expanding your awareness out from your personal arena up into the 'high heavens', communing you with spiritual energy dimensions that we then call back down through your personal energy centers. This journey I watch with my physical eyes closed so I can see clairvoyantly how you use this energy. This begins the reading and the portraiture and the healing. Each person and session is totally unique and the information and energy work is inspired by your soul desires, abilities and potentials. The painting is done on black watercolor paper that is the perfect matrix for the light reflecting, luminous interferon paints that best show what the light particles of the aura actually looks like. The usual size is 8 1/2 'x 11" which makes framing it very easy but you can ask for whatever size you desire. An audio tape or file of the reading is included. The cost for the session is $4.00/ min. The average time is about an hour but may be shorter or longer depending on the needs of your situation


Your Vision Made Manifest
Aura Works Your Vision Manifest






I have worked with many people who have wanted a presentation poster, book cover, CD cover or work of art that would illuminate their specific talents, attributes and purpose. My process is to tune into someone's presence, see their energy, and visualize the integration of their goals and creative concepts. We work with a photograph that you send me and confer about the meanings and messages desired. See more Commissioned Works

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