"Shaman VI - The Dance" Coffee Mug

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These are all mezzotints. They are created on copper plates that are roughed up with multiple little overlapping lines that hold ink in their crevices. When the lines are burnished away with smooth little metal tools those places where the whites and the lights will be, will not hold ink because they have been smoothed out.  The metal will become smooth and not hold the ink. By smoothing out the bumps so that the ink no longer stays trapped in the rough stuff, that  area prints as white.

 This process of burnishing out the roughness to create smoothness, makes the ink not stick there and thus the area prints as light or white. This appeals to the healer in me. Sand away the grit and reveal the light.

Beyond this is revealed the ultimate dance of conscious man and woman.

This premium mug is made of a durable white ceramic. It is dishwasher and microwave safe. Made in USA.