Step-By-Step of a Long Distance Aura Portrait Creation


Carol Heals Aura Portrait Art
Renee Huynh emailed me this picture of herself. I brought it into Photoshop and masked out the background. Then I resized her to be smaller and repositioned her lower in the picture to allow more space for her aura to be depicted. I printed out this picture as an 8"x10".

Aura ArtI cut a painting board to 8"x10" and transferred her outline to it using carbon paper. Our session commenced when she called me at the appointed time. I wear a headphone set which allows me to listen and speak; and to have free use of my hands for painting her ever changing aura energies as I see them occurring. My eyes are closed and I am tuning to Renee. What I see I paint, what I say is recorded to an audio tape which I send later. This is the aura painted":


Carol Draws Renee Aura PortaitureThe session is similar to one where the person is actually with me in that I can see her changing energy; can coach her in ways to expand, clear and cheer up her energy space; and can paint and feedback the changes to her. The purpose is to reflect a person's most enlightened energy back to them, to inspire them to their own power and joy. When we are done I scan the painting into the computer, composite it with her physical photo and do some magical artistry with various programs and blurs to make it as close to how I see the aura as is possible. 


Renee's Comments




Renee Aura Art Drawing

 Here is the finished portrait from the most recent portrait session I've done with Renee: "I have just looked at the portraits that you sent. They are beautiful. Now I see what you meant by diamonds. I thought it was the shape of the diamonds that we wear on our fingers. Thank you for helping me to understand that every time when I visualize, my energy does change. Thank you for showing me what the energy looks like. Now I am also more motivated to balance my chakras. Now I understand that it's not all a mental process and that it actually works. Thank you for enlightening me."