"BIRTHING BIRDIE" a new painting

The title although a bit sardonic is actually quite heroic; How masterful we are to birth new life energy. The womb of this work is the work of the womb. Its where human life starts. This could be considered a vision of my son's birth and what many women who have had C sections experience as they have their wombs opened to offer up their infants to the miracle of life and freedom. It could be also be seen as a merge of our body's oceanic waters with our spiritualized breath, that miraculous mix of our blood inspired to life by oxygen, a holy communion of our earthly self with our sky light self. In Chinese Acupuncture theory it reminds me of the Chong Mai inner channel that comes before the meridians, the first flow when the embryo connects to the wall of the womb and its blood is spiritized by the mother's oxygen allowing its awakening DNA to jump start the creation of everything else.

Credits go to Luke Enzel for helping costume me and photographing the shoot and to Kent Staley as web master for facilitating getting new images like this into the "Poetic Pictures Gallery so you can see it bigger and better and have it produced for yourself as a giecle canvas wrap or as 'Art to Wear' on your body as customized clothing.

Birthing Birdie Canvas Print -  Birthing Birdie T-Shirt

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