How We Heal Humanity

What do you do when you are overwhelmed by the hordes of humanity flooding through your psyche? You create a strong light of consciousness from your middle mind, a "YES" vibration from the pineal gland and You shine it out on everything. Thus you heal and 'Light up' the visitors as you 'Light up' yourself. This is the first clip of my new blog, "Miracles of Daily Life".  

Spiritus Gallery


  • Well you find an inner mind space, you bring a smiling vibration into your middle mind and you share it by expanding.

    In the video I centered the light rays near the optic nerves which is near the pituitary gland and used an animation program called “Light Rays” to show this expansion. Its still up for grabs, where our inner light source comes from…The pineal gland or the pituitary gland. Probably its both and more.

    Carol Skylark
  • Excellent. So just how do we create that light to shine out to all these people?

    Joe Staley

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